With Fall Fashion Week wrapping up, I thought I'd share a sneak peek into our very own Fall 2018 Collection and the inspiration behind it. 




Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant were key artists in the formation of the Bloomsbury Group of 1907 - 1930. They were both known for their colorful portraits and still-life paintings.

Their painterly strokes inspired me to incorporate the use of floral prints and rich saffron yellow hues onto textured knit fabrics. Skirts for the season feel appropriate in longer lengths and there are a few cozy sweaters and cardigans.


Coming back from my recent trip to Scotland a few months ago, it’s no surprise I came back with a new love for plaids.

I incorporated them into the fall collection by printing them onto fluid fabrics, creating comfy trousers and crisp cotton dresses that harken back to the 1950’s, updating them in feminine and modern silhouettes. The collection has easy sportswear pieces using a lot of button detail and military pockets to keep all of your compliments in!

Stripes and Shine

It seems that we are due for another season of stripes and grids. This time, incorporating lurex and shine in vibrant color combinations. In sportswear pieces like our wide leg trousers and twist tie blouses, the stripes feel leisurely and elegant at the same time.