Sunday mornings are usually reserved for church or brunches, but if you’re a designer like me Sunday’s are always set aside for the flea market. I started out in Los Angeles selling my clothes at local flea markets so I’ve always had a special love for them.

(Some of my favorite flea market finds)

To me, they’re a treasure trove of some of the most unique items that you just can’t find anywhere else. There are times when I take my son and it seems that every other object we pass just screams of possibilities. The lining of a vintage purse, a pocket that was sewed interestingly, a button placed in an odd location or even the direction of a random stripe can end up somehow being translated into my next design. Even if I don’t end up purchasing an item it falls into this cavernous internal filing system in my mind that I pull inspiration from days, or even years, later.

(A close up of a dress inspired by a beautiful cross stitch I discovered.)



I must confess that your personal mood plays a huge factor in what you do and do not find interesting. On days when you’re just emotionally unavailable the flea market can have almost a somber feeling to it and you can look at an object and just see an abandoned relic of history. However, if you go in with an open and excited mind it’s almost impossible to leave empty-handed or uninspired.

If you're in the need of inspiration...share this post with a friend and ask them to go to a flea market with you this weekend.

These are a few of my favorite flea markets in LA:  

  1. Pasadena Flea Market
  1. Rose Bowl Flea Market
  1. Long Beach Flea Market
  1. Santa Monica Airport Flea Market

And my favorite one in Paris is Les Puces (The Fleas). Located at Porte de Clignancourt, officially called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.  It is the largest antique market in the world. Open Saturday - Monday and has over 120,000 people visiting it each weekend.  

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