“When you’re drawn to something that is your soul speaking.” -  Elizabeth Dehn

I can’t think of a more accurate way to gauge my discovery for loving the artist, Cy Twombly. I’ve noticed after numerous visits to museums in New York and London that I would gravitate towards his large-scale paintings that have these incredible lines filled with energy. Consistently, I would gaze down at the plaque and think “Oh, it’s Cy Twombly. Of course!”. He was the starting point for my spring collection.

Cy Twombly

I think I was drawn to his slightly childlike scribbles, but at the same time, there is an undeniable sensuality to them. I wanted to translate this into my designs by creating a print with a palpable energetic brushstroke. I usually start by taking the fabric and draping it on my mannequin to find beautiful lines created between the form and the fabrics natural tendency to drape. The longer lengths create a bigger canvas to explore the tension between the black and the white. 


In my head, I imagine a woman walking into a room and disrupting the energy, bringing a sense of playfulness and sensuality.