Introducing the Eva Franco First Step in Fashion Internship

What have I done to elevate black lives, what actions have I taken to end racism and bring palpable change to black communities? Not nearly enough, but like all great leadership we come to accept the facts, and then take immediate actions to correct and fix the things that we want to see change. I have been taking some much needed time to listen, learn and collect my thoughts about #blacklivesmatter and find the best way for me and my company to make a difference and make the most impact. 

The Fashion Design Business

I have been building and navigating a fashion brand for 18 years, and some of the most important steps to building my dreams of becoming a fashion designer were the result of individuals that offered help and guided me along the way. These individuals did not have the formal title of a mentor, but taught, advised and made introductions that significantly made a difference in my development as not only a fashion designer but as a successful entrepreneur.Educating and Giving Back

While I am aware that we can donate to organizations, I would like to make a real tangible difference by helping firsthand by educating and mentoring young people who have dreams of working in the fashion industry. I am advocating that if we have the capacity to give our most valuable asset - time, we can collectively foster this movement to
uplift, give voice, and bring opportunity to black lives.

We are setting up a paid internship for African American students to work within the Eva Franco company. We won’t be posting the positions in the regular fashion colleges. Instead, I will reach out to teachers/ counselors in high schools in predominantly black neighborhoods and personally invite the students that they feel have a passion for fashion.

The Eva Franco First Step In Fashion Scholarship will give students an opportunity to experience first-hand the day to day world of fashion design, production and pattern making, retail e-commerce, public relations, and sales and marketing.

  • First Step in Fashion Scholarship and internship is for an African American High School Student
  • Must be able to travel to the Eva Franco studio in downtown Los Angeles
  • Hours: 20 hours a week (flexible)
  • Pay is to be set and discussed based on hours and availability

If you would like to apply for this First Step In Fashion Scholarship please Fill Out our FORM.

To make this paid internship possible we will be donating 15% of sales from our JUSTICE Collection. However, we could use more help to be able to offer more students this opportunity. If you would like to support the First Step in Fashion Scholarship you can donate. Any amount will make a difference!

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