Sooner or later we may find ourselves needing to fly somewhere.  We all know to wear a mask, and even a face shield.  But how do you protect yourself from the contaminants that might be lurking on your seat.

3 Dirtiest Surfaces on an Airplane

Turns out, headrests have rated the highest for levels of infection-causing bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus

Seat pockets come in at second, with high levels of bacteria and fungi such as mold and yeast.

Understandably, the door to the toilet tests high for bacteria but still lower than the headrests and seat pockets.

Introducing NiceSeats

It's like a fitted sheet and pocket that you pop on over your seat.

  • Sets up on 20 seconds
  • Washable, reusable
  • Works on all economy and business class seats on airplanes.  (There's a separate one for lie-flat seats as well)
  • Carry pouch doubles as on seat storage pocket
  • Does not interfere with video screens

Eva Franco carries a full line of NiceSeats in different patterns, and pairs them with one of her designer coordinating masks.  Shop Now.

"Give yourself a guaranteed clean and super-soft place to be for the next however many hours". Travel+Leisure

airplane seat cover

"If you're flying during the pandemic, consider it a must-have"