It's that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner which means most of us are probably down to the wire with the last couple of names on our Christmas list. For anyone looking for a creative gift, here’s a couple of unique items I’ve stumbled upon that I’m adding to my list ASAP! (Both for my friends and for myself!

1. Coral and Tusk Table Linen- It’s no secret that I love embroidery art! This embroidered linen tablecloth would be a fun addition to any table setting.
2. Sugarbombe Cookie Cutters - If you have a friend that loves to bake, Sugarbombe has the most adorable variety of cookie cutters. Anything from woodland creatures to moon and stars, they give you the perfect start to creative cookie works of art!
3. Lolka Hedgehog Pin Cushion - Okay, this one I might just get for myself. It’s a pincushion that’s shaped like a hedgehog! Need I say more?