Shopping For The Perfect Wedding Outfit

After getting over the initial excitement of receiving the wedding invitation, swooning over the venue on Instagram and sending your love to the happy couple, that important question comes to mind.


What am I going to wear to the wedding?

 Depending on your personality and relationship with the couple, you might want to make a dramatic entrance, be subtly stylish, or blend in with the crowd. Whatever your vision, it needs to be appropriate. While Uncle Fred's speech or Aunt Mable's dance moves might be inappropriate, your outfit has to be perfection.

  So grab a glass of wine and put on your fluffy bathrobe while we find out what you should wear.

 First, check the invitation to see if there is a dress code. If the couple has requested resort formal, black tie, or elegant formal wear, you will have some idea of what is expected. Next, check the weather to see what temperatures are usually like during the season the wedding is being held. Freezing cold is as bad as being a hot mess. Finally, look at the venue for the ceremony and reception to get more ideas. A church wedding, barn celebration and beach wedding would all call for different outfits.

 Now, you are almost ready to start shopping!


The Formal Wedding

 If the wedding is in a church, chapel, or religious place, you can assume the dress code is formal. Weddings in ballrooms, mansions and villas are also often quite formal and traditional too. Our Shentel Dress would be perfect for such an affair. Go for dresses with jackets or sleeves, smart skirts or pant suits and luxury accessories that are a must to elevate your outfit. Splashes of bright color are acceptable unless otherwise stated in the invite. The formal wedding is perhaps the easiest to dress for since you can't go too formal.


 The Destination Wedding

 Common locations for destination weddings are beaches, gardens, historic homes and vineyards. There is a sense of freedom with a destination wedding that allows for color, unique designs and some leeway in how fancy or fabulous you go with your fashion. Think flowing dresses and skirts in eye-popping hues, dramatic splits and fun patterns. Our Alder Dress or Terry Dress  tick all the boxes. Pants with detailed tops, some sequins or sparkle and interesting prints are all ideal for destination weddings. Lace is always pretty and can take any outfit to the next level.


The Casual Wedding

The most challenging wedding to dress for is when the couple tells you to wear what you like as it is a casual celebration. Their idea of casual might not be the same as yours. Even if they say it's laid back, flip-flops and shorts are almost always a no-no. The interpretation of casual can be wide so go on the more formal side of casual with playful outfits that might have floral patterns, full skirts and looks that are just a bit more special than what you would wear to the supermarket. Strapless tops are fine and can be dressed up with jewelry to add some glamor. We know our Kiki Dress would be a lovely option.


Changing Your Outfit

These days many couples go for an elegant wedding followed by an informal reception. In this case, it is fine to change your outfit to suit the occasion. It is common for guests to change outfits between the vows and dinner at destination weddings, too, especially if they are staying at the venue.


Wearing all black isn't usually appropriate for a wedding unless it is black tie. If you are obsessed with black, you could wear it for the reception if it is lighthearted and flirty like our Floral Lace Mini Dress.

 Wearing white is fine as long as you don’t upstage the bride by wearing something more beautiful or elegant than what she is wearing. With white outfits keep it simple and include some color in your accessories with bright shoes or jewelry to ensure you are not mistaken for the bride.

  At a wedding you are often meeting new people and outfits can make great conversation starters. Our petal dresses that come in alluring hues are always a hot topic of conversation. Asking someone where they purchased their gorgeous outfit is a lead line that can’t go wrong.

Classic looks that are well-tailored, elegant dresses and sophisticated looks that have a hint of sexy are all styles that can help inspire you when shopping for the perfect wedding outfit. Most importantly, wear clothing that you feel comfortable and wonderful in and remember your best fashion accessory is your smile!

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